Monday, April 13, 2009

Why is the milka chocolate cow lilac?

She dyed during the photo shoot........

Why is the milka chocolate cow lilac?
I%26#039;m going to have to take your word for it because they don%26#039;t advertise it here in Norway. Still, at least I can avoid any more escapades of retired yorkshiremen sliding down a hill in a motorised bathtub.etc.... Report It

Reply:I have no idea what you are talking about...
Reply:I can%26#039;t tell you why it%26#039;s purple but if it is what makes that Alpine Chocolate so good, I say don%26#039;t change a good thing!
Reply:I was wondering that.
Reply:they are kinda half copyign the cadbury thing...

but omg i LOVE the noisette milka...

speaking of which i think i will go and eat my block of white milka right now!


f xxx
Reply:Because Blue cow was busy visiting the aliens :)

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I would like to grow a Lilac bush. Can I do this from another bush? They cost too much in the store. Pam?

I have planted seads from a bush last year, they started to grow and then all died.

I would like to grow a Lilac bush. Can I do this from another bush? They cost too much in the store. Pam?
find someone with a lilac bush that is sending up suckers (small lilacs growing up from the big tree) Dig one of the suckers up and make sure it has a long tap root with little spider roots coming off it. Plant this in some potting soil and make sure you keep it moist.

My family and friends have started quite a few doing this.
Reply:Like others have explained get a start from the base of another bush. they%26#039;re pretty simple to grow. Go ahead and plant it in the ground where you want to keep it. sad to say that it takes three years before they bloom but it%26#039;s worth the trouble just to smell them in the air. they live for a hundred years plus. i just got another start from an old friend. mine is blue and the new is white. give lots of water until the plant is established then it will be care free.
Reply:Give them LOTS of water.
Reply:Yes, just get some rooting powder and dip the end of a cut or pulled-off shoot from a bush into it, then plant it in a pot of well fertilised soil and make sure you keep it well watered until roots grow, then plant out.
Reply:Go see one of your neighbours that HAS lilacs and ask them for a %26#039;sucker%26#039; from the bottom of their bush. If you are careful digging it up and cutting it off of the parent plant, you will have a successful lilac transplant.

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Anyone ever make wine out of lilac bloosoms?

Yes. It was very bitter. Maybe as an adjunct to a light wine so the great bouquet isn%26#039;t overpowered. It didn%26#039;t smell like lilacs though it was bright.

Anyone ever make wine out of lilac bloosoms?
Nope never have. Sounds interesting...


Do you like the name Lilac?

It%26#039;s a flower as well as a colour, but I think it%26#039;s a beautiful name for a little girl.

Do you like the name Lilac?
Nice for a name... shows that you%26#039;ve nice and peaceful personality

first thing that cropped up in my head is the colour and plants, nature, peace

great name! Lil can be a great short form! :D

beautiful, sure it is!
Reply:no, the first thought that came to my mind was: bush. idk why though.
Reply:no not really. it sounds like laundy detergent!! lilly is a pretty name though!!
Reply:No. The first thing that popped into my head was laundry detergent.


Reply:For many years we have named our daughter%26#039;s flower and gem stone names. All names have meaning attached to them. All names were made up at some point.

If you like it,then I think you should use it!
Reply:nope Lilly is better!
Reply:she%26#039;d get made fun of
Reply:No, sorry
Reply:I LOVE the name Lilac!

I%26#039;ve always thought that Lily was such a cute name for a girl, but perhaps a bit too cute on an adult, and a bit common. Lillian always seemed so bland, and Liliana was too frilly. Therefore, I%26#039;ve always loved Lilac. It sounds so sweet, feminine, yet strong.

Perfect name ;)
Reply:It is a very uncommon name, but it sounds beautiful. I have 3 girls, I wish I would have thought about this name :-)
Reply:It%26#039;s a nice name, could be shortened to Lil or Lily also as a nickname.
Reply:i think its gorgeous
Reply:For some reason it doesn%26#039;t seem to click with me. If you like it I would say go for it. I do love the name Lilly for a girl though.
Reply:I think it%26#039;s pretty.
Reply:combined with another name yeah , its cute!
Reply:No I don%26#039;t. I do love these names though




Reply:No not for a name.
Reply:love it
Reply:My daughter named her favorite baby doll Lilac. It makes me think of fabric softener.

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How do you split/transplant lilac plants?

Easy, just dig up and separate.

Lilacs are very hardy, almost hard to kill


Is the Nokia 5300 XpressMusic - Lilac phone good??

Yes it is. all nokia phones are good. just like nokia.

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Where i can find the lilac dress that Sarah Jessica Parker has on in her commercial for Garnier Nutrisse?

SJP%26#039;s clothing line only has very basic items like tee shirts.

I would keep an eye on eBay and

Where i can find the lilac dress that Sarah Jessica Parker has on in her commercial for Garnier Nutrisse?
she has a clothing line called bitten its at steve and barnys
Reply:Ebay. They probably have a duplicate for much cheaper than in a store.

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